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Who did Rod discovered ?

Long John Baldry was the first one to give his chance to the young Stewart in 64. He heard him playing the harmonica in the corridors of the subway of London and asked him to join him. Rod stayed with Baldry within "Hoochie Coochie Men" as well as within Steampacket.

What are Rod's musical influences?

It was at first the paternel influences with Al Jolson, then Rod discovered the Folksong with Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, then Soul with Otis Redding and Sam Cooke.

When does Rod record his first title?

October 1964 with the cover of "Good morning little schoolgirl". But he did not meet the success.

What were the important groups in Rod Stewart's career?

First of all the Jeff Beck Group in 1967, with which he recorded two albums " Truth " and "Beck Ola". Jeff Beck being the ex-guitarist of the Yardbirds and who wished to create his own group. Rod met Ron Wood there who held the bass.

Then in 1969, Small Faces which became Faces. Rod found there Ron Wood, but this time at the guitar as well as the former members Ronnie Lane (bass), Ian Mc Lagan (keyboards) and Kenny Jones (drums). Four studio albums and one live are for their credits from 1969 till 1974.

When did Rod began his solo career?

After some singles, Rod's career began especially in 1970 and the release of his first LP "An old raincoat won't ever let you down".

What was his first success?

"Maggie May" in 1971, originally the B-side of "Reason to believe" but a disc jockey had the good idea to flip the single. And this title became N°1 on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The album which contains "Maggie May" is "Every picture tells a story".

Qui découvrit Rod ?

Long John Baldry fut le premier à donner sa chance au jeune Stewart en 1964. Il l'entendit jouer de l'harmonica dans les couloirs du métro londonien et lui demanda de le rejoindre. Rod resta avec Baldry au sein des "Hoochie Coochie Men" ainsi que du Steampacket".

Quelles sont les influences musicales de Rod ?

Ce furent d'abord les influences paternelles avec Al Jolson, puis Rod découvrit le Folk avec Woody Guthrie et Bob Dylan, puis la Soul avec Otis Redding et Sam Cooke.

En quelle année Rod enregistre-t'il son premier titre ?

En octobre 1964 avec la reprise de "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl", mais ne rencontra aucun succès.

Quelles furent les groupes importants dans la carrière de Rod Stewart ?

Tout d'abord le Jeff Beck Group en 1967, avec lequel il enregistra deux albums "Truth" et "Beck Ola". Jeff Beck ancien guitariste des Yardbirds désirait créer son propre groupe. Rod y rencontra Ron Wood qui tenait la basse.

Puis en 1969, les Small Faces qui devinrent les Faces. Rod y retrouva Ron Wood, mais cette fois à la guitare ainsi que les anciens membres Ronnie Lane (basse), Ian Mc Lagan (claviers) et Kenny Jones (batterie). Quatre albums et un live sont à leurs crédits de 1969 à 1974.

Quand Rod commença sa carrière solo ?

Après quelques 45 tours, la carrière de Rod débuta surtout en 1970 et la sortie de son premier LP "An old raincoat won't ever let you down".

Quel fut son premier succès ?

"Maggie May" en 1971, à l'origine la face B de "Reason to believe" mais un disc-jockey de Cleveland eut la bonne idée de retourner le 45t. Et ce titre devint N°1 des deux cotés de l'Atlantique. L'album qui contient "Maggie May" est "Every picture tells a story".

Combien de maisons de disques s'occupèrent de Rod?

Jusqu'à maintenant quatre, Mercury à ses débuts et jusqu'en 1974, Warner Bros avec les Faces et en solo jusqu'en 2000, en 2001 Atlantic une filiale de Warner et finalement J. Records en 2002 où Rod fut accueilli chaleureusement par Clive Davis dont on peut dire en 2010 qu'il continue de détenir Rod en "otage des songbooks".

Quels sont les musiciens marquants à avoir travaillé avec Rod ?

Tout d'abord Jeff Beck et Ron Wood. Ensuite Martin Quittenton avec qui il co-écrivit "Maggie May", Jim Cregan et Kevin Savigar avec qui il composa beaucoup de titres entre 1977 et 1988.

Quels sont les plus grands hits de Rod /What are Rod's biggest hits?


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What were his various record labels in his career?

Until now, there has been four, Mercury in his debuts until 1974, Warner Bros with Faces and solo until 2000, in 2001 Atlantic a subsidiary of Warner and finally J.Records in 2002 where Rod was greeted warmly by Clive Davis whom may be said in 2010 that he continues to hold Rod in "hostage of his songbooks".

Clive Davis & Rod

What are the crucial musicians who they worked with Rod?

First of all Jeff Beck and Ron Wood. Then Martin Quittenton with whom he co-wrote "Maggie May", Jim Cregan and Kevin Savigar with whom he composed many titles between 1977 and 1988.

Rod a t'il enregistré des duos? Did Rod record some duets?